Thursday, October 28, 2010

Simple-ology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want by Mark Joyner

I have completed my first book in the Library-fi-cation Project. I was actually excited about reading this one but it ended up taking me almost a week to finish. Simple-ology; The Simple Science of Getting What You Want by Mark Joyner was the first book to pop the Library-fi-cation Project ‘s cherry and possibly got the gears moving along quite well in my mind. As you read my reviews, please note that these are just my opinions on the books. Our brains work different and our likes/dislikes are very personal to us based on certain beliefs, etc. Indulge in my reviews and thought process but know that yours may be entirely different. Please read the book and come to your own conclusions. Not only am I on a learning journey but I hope to inspire people to read so get out to your own library and get your butt in gear.

Simple-ology; The Simple Science of Getting What You Want by Mark Joyner was a tough book to get through although it started strong and ended strong…even though those high points were very short lived. I initially thought that this book was a book about the law of attraction..which I love reading about however it was almost an anti-attraction dissertation which even (in my opinion) completely bashed quantum phsyics. Since these books are pulled off the shelves without me even really looking at them to begin with..I did not read the inner flap or the back of it. I thought it would be as simple as the title suggested and it would also show me how to get what I wanted in life. The book was mostly about logic, the linguistic tools that are used for manipulation by media and people in general, and the methods of information control. Overall, I was confused by this part and had a hard time following along. The information was dabbed with some funny cartoons and some very interesting facts but the rest of it went over my head. I am not a logical, technical, scientific person so FOR ME…this book was a hard read. I believe what the author was trying to get across was that we build these walls around us that make it hard to get outside of our little worlds and in essence, we waste time following the same path. If you can understand these invisilble walls and conquer demolishing them, you will rise above and be able to obtain what you want. The part that I did enjoy is that Mark Joyner asks that you question your beliefs, question authority, and question information you receive including his own book. Was it conspiracy theory? Not exactly….but he does touch on government control of information and deception with words. He urges you to create different models and make truths that are your own. It did incite me to question some of my own beliefs and made me more aware of marketing and information control tactics. It was not until the last chapters (small chapters at that) that Mr. Joyner introduces how to apply this to getting what you want in life and attempts to tie all the scientific bullshit together that he has rambled on for 206 pgs about. In the end, the most poignant messages of the book were-

“The shortest path between two points is a straight line.”

“In order to hit a target, you must be able to see it clearly.”

“In order to hit a target, you must focus sufficient attention on it until you hit it.”

“In order to accomplish something you must focus sufficient energy on it until you have done so.”

“The inescapability of action/reaction states that there are two things from which you can never escape; action and reaction. In other words, you are always acting- even if you think you are not. The collorary is that for every action we take, there is some reaction.” (my fave)


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