Monday, October 18, 2010

Who What When Why Where and how

The mission- to start reading books that perhaps my mind has not drawn me to previously or that I would otherwise not be so interested in. AKA- read all the books in the

I am an avid reader who grew up within the walls of the local city library. I have read hundreds of books, if not thousands, in my lifetime however I have mostly been drawn to certain genres. I am on a spiritual and mental journey of expanding my horizons so I have decided to start along the back wall of the library (beginning of dewey decimal system) and read 4 books at a time in ORDER.

Possible roadblocks-

What if I don't care for the book or the subject? I have to take the book home and at least attempt to read it...can allow myself to just browse through it. But generally must give it a real effort.

How will you find the time? I will set aside 1 hr reading blocks every morning and night to accomplish this. Luckily my daily schedule for the time being allows this to work. Adjustments may be made down the road.

What about the new book shelf? I will allow myself 2 books from the new bookshelf as long as they are not books or novels. Mostly non-fiction how to books and cookbooks.

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