Monday, November 15, 2010

Dare to Dream by Florence Littauer

Dare to Dream by Florence Littauer

This book started off on a high note. I love how the author gives lots of stories of success and even touches on the subject of reading to educate yourself (which is along the lines of this personal reading journey of mine). About halfway through the book, it gets not as exciting. Florence is a HUGE believer in the 4 personality themes inspired by Hippocrates. She spends more than enough chapters going through a personality exam, how to recognize the personalities, testing you on them, explaining them again and again until it feels like she is beating a dead horse. She talks a lot about her brother who is a famous DJ in TX. He is a success story and I enjoyed reading about his life however she seems to beat this dead horse as well. I did find some of the information helpful but it’s a little jagged and hops all over the place. By the middle of the book…I forgot I was reading a book with the subtitle of “Beat the odds and win personal success” and thought maybe I was transported to a book on the personalities of political figures through the ages. Although Littauer provides information on focusing on a goal, expanding your vocabulary, following your dream, and inspires you through true stories…I don’t feel that I have taken much away from reading the book. It could have done better in my opinion or perhaps should have been more appropriately titled. I do like Florence though..and her little ramblings. She is humorous in a soft delightful manner.

UPDATE: I have noticed that this book stuck out to me over the last couple of days prior to posting this. I have been thinking more and more about Florence’s inspirations of Creating the Dream, Preparing for the Dream, Wearing the Dream, and Sharing the Dream. I have decided that I liked this more than I initially did. I would recommend reading it. I am actually looking forward to coming across more of Florence’s book during the project.

“Learn the sweet magic of a cheerful face.”

“If you get up in the morning exposed to people having fun, it’s hard to stay down.”

“Having an idea is a positive start but will wishful thinking be rewarded?”

“Intrinsically, ideas have little value. It’s only when they are implemented by determined people that they become influential.”

“Wake up and say “This is going to be a tremendous day!”

“Ask yourself, what do you do well? Do you have a special talent? Where have you been successful? What excites you?”

“The Success of your dream isn’t measured by dollars but rather the quantity and quality of personal satisfaction it brings you.”

“When the economy is down, it’s time for you to look around, find a need, and fill it.”

“We must not allow failures, or rejection, or personal handicap, or even lack of education to keep us from our daring to dream.”

“Great visions often start with small dreams.”

“With a single-minded goal in life, you can sift out these things that won’t help and excel in those that would provide practice for the future.”

“Personality merges you and you only reach your real identity, when you are merged with another person- Love is the outpouring of one personality in fellowship with another personality.”

“As we prepare to dream, we need to do all that we can to get ourselves ready to wear that dream. If there are classes we can take to educate ourselves, then we should enroll to study.”


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