Monday, November 1, 2010

Next trip to Library

Well just another update here....I have one book left to read from my first set. The one that conveniently fell under my bed and never made it with me when I went out of town. That one is "I'm Dysfunctional. - You're Dysfunctional". Not really looking forward to this book...seems like it might be a dry read. The back jacket claims the book will change the way I think about we will see. I went to the library this evening and picked up my next 4 books. I will take a pic of them tomorrow morning..something I regret not doing with the first 4. So the next four are - Dare to Dream by Florence Littauer, Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart by Gordon Livingston, And Never Stop Dancing by Gordon Livingston, and Why Do I Need You To Love Me In Order To Like Myself by Barry Lubetkin and Elena Oumano. To be honest, not excited by the covers alone on these. I would NEVER have picked these on my own...but then again, that's the point of the Library-fi-cation Project.

I went to my daughter's first grade parent teacher conference today and the teacher explained how they will be doing an author series soon. Each child will be reading a book by the author, learning about the author's life and then drawing their own picture and writing a story to convey what they learned. I thought this might be a fun addition to do along with my reviews...minus the drawing..but just learning what I can about the authors might be interesting.

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